Yann Passabet-Labiste


“… Yann Passabet-Labiste is in my opinion one of the finest violinists of his generation … ” >>> Read more

Rudolf Koelman (Jascha Heifetz’s pupil)
“… I watched recently a performance of his playing the Tchaikovsky Concerto, and was stunned at his impeccable playing and manner of execution. In addition to flawless intonation, a left hand that any violinist would envy, and complete control of the architecture of the piece and sound music making. Mr. Passabet-Labiste possesses a bow-arm that is rarely seen (Vengerov had such a remarkable bow-arm). This kind of bow-arm goes beyond what can be taught, and although must be cultivated through years of dedicated preparation, is a gift that very few possess. …” >>> Read more

Mark Laycock
Guest conductor
The Philadelphia Orchestra
The Philharmonia Ochestra
Montreal Symphony Orchestra
The English Chamber Orchestra
Zürcher Kammer Orchestra
Wiener KammerOrchester

“… Not only is he an outstanding violinist but he proved himself to be a skillful leader as well. …” >>> Read more

Case Scaglione
Music Director Orchestre National d’ile de France
Chief Conductor Württembergisches Kammerorchester

“… Très bonne maîtrise de son instrument, belle sonorité et une grande sensibilité. …” >>> Read more

Pierre Amoyal

“… He is an excellent young violonist …” >>> Read more

Ulf Hoelscher
Prof. an der Staatl. Hochschule für Musik Karlsruhe

“… Il est doué incontestablement d’une solide technique et d’une grande sensibilité. …” >>> Read more

Jean-Pierre Wallez

“… fait preuve d’un talent exceptionnel et d’une authentique sensibilité de musicien. Sa virtuosité lui permet d’aborder les oeuvres les plus difficiles, son tempérament et sa faculté de communiquer ses émotions sont également impressionnants. …” >>> Read more

Jean Piguet
1er violon-solo, Orchestre de la Suisse Romande

“… à toujours être au service de la musique avec tous les risques que cela comporte. Il dispose pour cela d’une grande palette sonore qui, alliée à la brillance de son jeu, sont du meilleur effet! …” >>> Read more

Christine Sörensen
Prof. Conservatoire de Lausanne

“… l’un de mes élèves les plus doués et des plus musiciens… ” >>> Read more
Liliane Beguin-Rossi
“It was the consensus of the commission that your performances reflect a huge musicality, depth of interpretation, and technical expertise needed to distinguish yourself in the music world. Congratulations for your wonderful talent! It was an honor for the commission to have you participate!”
Manhattan International Music Competition
“It was the consensus of the jury that you possess an outstanding talent, a remarkable musicality and a very accomplished technique. The artistic commission is convinced that you are a real musician, and that you will undertake a very promising music career in the next years!”
Vienna International Music Competition
“The artistic commission unanimously considers that you possess outstanding talent, as well as a very distinctive artistic personality.”
Orpheus Classical Label (CD producer)
“Our artistic commission found that you possess a huge talent. They recalled that you have great musicality and technique, as well as a very interesting artistic personality. You are an extraordinary musician, and we are convinced that you are destined to play an important role in classical music!”
Berliner International Music Competition