Yann Passabet-Labiste


Prizes and Awards in International Competitions

After leaving the conservatory, Yann has been Grand Prize winner, Laureate, recipient of special awards and distinguished himself in numerous international competitions such as:

  • 5th Danubia Talents International Online Music Competition (Hungary, 2020): 1st Grand Prize
  • 5th Manhattan International Music Competition (NY-USA, 2020): Silver Medal & Special Prize
  •  1st Music Competition Online (Paris, 2020): 2nd Prize (Grand Prize category, sole recipient)
  • Golden Classical Music Award (NY, USA, 2019): 1st Grand Prize
  • Grand Prix d’Europe (France, 2017): 1st Grand Prize
  • Grand Prize Virtuoso (London, U.K. 2016): 2nd Grand Prize (category Chamber Music) & 3rd Grand Prize (category Solo)
  • Padova international competition of Musical Execution (Italy, 2014): Two 1st Grand Prize (Soloist with orchestra & Virtuosity)
  • Tibor Varga International Violin Competition (Switzerland): Laureate & Special Prize
  • Paganini Moscow international violin competition (Russia)
  • Jacques Thibaud International Violin Competition (France)
  • Violin Masters of Monte-Carlo (Monaco)
  • Enesco international violin competition (Romania)
  • Mozart international violin competition (Germany)
  • Andrea Postacchini international violin competition (Italy)
  • Lipizer international violin competition (Italy)
  • Johannes Brahms international music competition (Austria)
  • Valsesia Musica international violin competition (Italy)
  • Berliner International Music Competition (Germany)
  • Vienna International Music Competition (Austria)
  • Haverhill Sinfonia Soloist competition (U.K.)